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What is whitening soap, and is it different from whitening cream?

When speaking of whitening soap, a lot of ladies might have never heard of, and might wonder about what kind of soap is it? What is whitening soap? By looking from appearance, there are not much differences between whitening soap and general one. Since it could both help cleaning and fighting with bacteria, however, whitening […]

What is the effective method for blemish treatment?

There are various causes of Melasma including continually being exposed to the sun in a long period of times. How would you cure Melasma? Once Melasma comes to call on your beautiful skin, do not hurry to buy expensive Melasma cream or facial Melasma cream that are generally sold in the market. Instead proper and […]

Get to know whitening face cream more

Cream that makes our face whiter is one of the ways that makes our skin color changes. What are things that determine our skin color? Skin color is determined by the amount of Melanin in the skin. Melanin is the color pigments produced by specialized cell called “Melanocytes”. People with darker skin tend to have […]

How to choose a sunscreen for people with acne

Let’s look at the proper method of choosing to buy and use a sunscreen for people with acne. 1. Looking at the label of the products whether it is written as an oil- free product which does not cause the eruption of pimples. Best sun screen for those with acnes should not consist of oil […]

How to choose a good dark spot cream

Use of dark spot cream to remove unwanted marks on the face There are several ways to remove facial dark spots which could be undertaken by medical and beauty related innovative technology. For example, Microdermabrasion method which is undertaken by doctor shedding skin with dark spots, and that skin may reveal bright and clear. Or […]