Get to know whitening face cream more

Cream that makes our face whiter is one of the ways that makes our skin color changes.

What are things that determine our skin color?

Skin color is determined by the amount of Melanin in the skin. Melanin is the color pigments produced by specialized cell called “Melanocytes”. People with darker skin tend to have more Melanin than people with lighter skin. However, Melanin is also determined by some other external and internal factors such as the exposure of light, hormones, contact by certain chemical effecting Melanin making the skin color to become darker.

The changing of skin color usually occurs by itself. For example, by avoiding the chance of coming to contact with the sun light, the melanin pigments amount would thus reduce as well. Nevertheless, when time passes by, our age and hormones including some other chemical which might cause skin color to be permanently changed. Cream that makes our face whiter is another way that makes our skin color to change. It may restrain the production of Melanin making the skin color looks whiter, or it might help shedding the skin allowing new skin to be produced and remaining skin white, clear and supple.




How could we use whitening cream to give the best effect?

People using whitening cream usually aim the good changes of skin results, for example, having lesser dark spots or having clearer and whiter skin. Nonetheless, ones should also understand that skin with dark spots has long been accumulated; therefore, it would take some time to create clearer/ brighter skin. Thus, users should patiently and continually use the products in order to gradually make the skin brighter.


The most effective steps in applying whitening cream are as follow.

1. Cleaning the face with warm water in order to open the pore in order make the cream efficiently penetrate into the skin. After that toner could be applied.

2. Gently exfoliating the skin with AHA or BHA in order remove dead cells away. AHA substance would shed outer skin off and relieve the skin burn from the sun, while BHA would gently shed skin cells and remove excessive oil which products should be properly chosen and used by each individuals’ conditions.

3. Wipe the face dry. Then gradually apply whitening face cream to the skin by gently spreading the cream in circles. Just this way, your facial skin will be more whitened, radiant as desired.