New!! The most innovative soap Mask Pure Phase 7-in-1, combines the ultimate natural. witch-hazel, tea tree oil, vitamin C, aloe vera, ginseng, honey and lemon included in a single block. Available in both soft and frothy whipped foam texture is gentle to skin care deeply than soap. You can clean and wash thoroughly. Absorbs impurities deep under the skin, reduce acne, excess facial. With skin and mask. Make the skin look radiant and natural truth the first time.

7 properties of Pure Face Mask Power Soap
1. Cleansing and detoxification of the skin thoroughly.
2. Remove excess oil on your face.
3. Inflammation of the skin rash, acne and hyperpigmentation of the skin.
4. pores smaller.
5. Im water to hydrate skin.
6. saturated moist skin to skin smooth and radiant naturally.
7. help slow aging and restore skin health.



Witch Hazel

Protect skin from pollution Help tighten pores to help skin heal fine pores gradually shallower. Makes skin smooth Reduction of oil under the skin Remove excess oil on the skin. It also stimulates Collagen Elastin and subcutaneous skin firming lotion on the skin dryness. Adding strength to the surface Smoothing the skin smooth and soft.


Tea Tree Oil

Inflammation of the skin Anti-inflammatory. Eliminate residues And impurities of the skin. Remove excess oil on the skin. Bactericidal effect of light. Thereby reducing the occurrence of acne.



Honey is an anti-oxidant. Thereby removing wrinkles on the face. Restore moisture to the skin Keep skin smooth and soft to the touch.



Helps tighten pores To hydrate skin. Reduce inflammation of the skin The skin absorb and absorb water well. Stimulate the production of collagen. Reduce wrinkles and dark spots.



Damaging effects of oxygen free radicals caused by the destruction of fat (lipid oxidation), These free radicals are particles that decay into various tissue prematurely. Helps condition skin firming. Look younger. Skin Softener And more moisture Prevent wrinkles. Help delay aging It also encourages the circulation of blood. Under the skin, there is more Glowing skin



Is an antioxidant that helps reduce wrinkles, and make skin firm and prevent harm from UV radiation of sunlight and help the skin cells. Are the collagen. Which is a protein fibers in the dermis keep healthy is packed make skin beautiful. And that vitamin C helps the synthesis of collagen. It has wounds heal faster.



Lemon helps improve skin condition does not allow it. Tighten skin and pores, so smaller. Reduce age spots. Reduce acne scars

How to use

1). Soft bubble form: Apply to foam and rinse with clean water.
2). Whipped foam: Beat the bubbles with a bubble net to soften the foam. Massage over the face for 1 minute before rinsing with clean water.

NEW PURE FACE MASK POWER SOAP (เพียวเฟสมาส์กพาวเวอร์โซฟ)