Sunscreen for acne

How to choose sunscreen for acne

Sunscreen for acne-prone people does not make the skin more clogged.

For girls with acne problems, choosing a facial product is very difficult because it is a rare acne. But not actually Sunscreen that, if wrongly selected, may cause clogged pimples or allergic reactions. We recommend tips on how to choose a cream for acne.

1. Selection of sunscreen type Physical is a non-chemical sunscreen. But there are many types that have easy anti-allergic properties.

2. Must receive both UVA and UVB because the UVA and UVA protection properties will help protect against UVA and UVB radiation as well. From less sunlight, it will be good for acne treatment as well

3. No oil mixture because it does not cause clogging, reducing the chance of acne.

Sunscreen for acne

4. There is no Paba substance. This substance is a popular chemical that is used as a mixture of sunscreen in the previous era. Which causes irritation to the skin For acne-prone skin There may be more acne, sores or inflammation. Therefore must be checked well before using that favorite sunscreen without Paba

5. Not waterproof, whether sunscreen or any cosmetics If there is a qualification, then remember that it is very difficult to wash out. When washing, it may require severe scrubbing. The skin may be scratched or inflamed. If not washed out, it increases the chances of getting clogged acne.

6. Do not mix flour and foundation. Although these two ingredients will help conceal and make the skin look smoother. But its disadvantage is to reduce the effectiveness of sun protection As well as making the pores easily clogged Can increase the chance of acne

Sunscreen for acne

And all this is a technique to choose sunscreen for people with acne that we bring together. Next time, if any girl who has acne problems, who wants to buy sunscreen but don’t know how to choose Can use these tips to use Finally, if these tips are used well Do not forget to share the beauty with others too.