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Let’s take a look at some ways to select the best whitening lotion for your skin.

look tips for choosing a lotion. White skin is best for you.


1. Getting to know your own skin type.By knowing your own skins’ type, for example having oily, dry or combination skin helps individuals to be able to use suitable lotion. Some lotions may contain substances making skin to become dry, thin allergic from the side effects on Melanin amount on the skin. Each person has his own skin color which is not only revealed through the outer layer of skin, but also deeper inner layer of skin as well. For instance, Africans and Asians tend to have thick and elastic skin which wrinkles are not easily formed comparing to those people with white skin. People with darker skin color have tendency to maintain skin moisturized. Whitening lotion could be used in all kinds of colors yielding similar result. Despite the fact that people with darker skin may take longer for their skin to become whiter, individuals should continually use the whitening cream as a regular routine so that the skin would become naturally brighter.



2. Choosing safe whitening lotion If you have skin problem such as having sensitive skin, it is recommended that you consult Dermatologist and have your skin checked up. But those who naturally have no skin problem or do not allergic to the cosmetics, they could select good and safe whitening lotion which do not contain Hydroquinone. Hydroquinone is regarded as one of factors which could cause cancer considered as color bleaching chemical which is banned in some countries. It is believed that Hydroquinone causes skin irritation and fast to the response to the sun exposure and bacterial infection towards the users who have been using it in a long period of time. Thereby, it is important to carefully check if the whitening lotion is contaminated with Hydroquinone, Mercury and Steroid or not. It is great to try choosing whitening lotion consisted of natural components such as raspberry extract (Arbutin), mulberry extract (Gigawhite), Kojic acid, milk and vitamin C.



3. Another significant tip that ones should bear in mind is do not forget to apply sun screen. Lighter skin would quickly react to the sun light. So, it is best to avoid being directly exposed to the strong sun light. If you need to go outside, it is recommended that you wear hat and long sleeve jacket in order to protect your skin from sun ray.


It is vital to select sunscreen with SPF25 or upper in order to protect your skin from UVA and UVB derived from sunlight. This reason is due to the fact that UVA has an effect on skin aging and deterioration while UVB is one of the factors causing scotches and burnt leading to skin cancer.


How to use whitening cream in a safe, correct and effective way?

Let’s look at some of the way that best and safest result on skin.

Nowadays, there are several body lotions enhancing healthy bright skin that ladies could be able to choose from. And one of the products which is considered as popular and could not be avoided of is whitening cream. These products are sold in pharmaceuticals and some might be offered by Dermatologists. However, when coming across with these products, individuals should also correctly and carefully select safe whitening product enabling natural bright skin as one wishes.

  1. Beginning from using appropriate whitening cream by considering safeness as a priority. Those whitening cream should not exist of strong chemicals such as bleach or Hydroquinone. Instead, it should be consisted of natural ingredients and contained some milk enhancing skin to be soft and supple.
  2. Selecting cream that is suitable to the skin is also important. For example, those with oily skin should choose cream or lotion with light texture which could quickly penetrate into the skin and does not leave skin sticky. In contrast, for those who have dry skin, ones should instead use whitening cream which contain moisturizer such as milk.
  3. For usage trial, it would be great to make sure that whitening cream is suitable for individuals and does not cause any allergy. This can be undertaken by applying cream in a little amount onto forearm near the elbow or below the chin. Then after 48 hours of using it, observes the result on the applied area of the skin if there are any irritating red rash or not. If it appears, individuals should stop using the product, but if there is no unusual sign then ones could continue using it.
  4. Avoiding applying whitening cream on thin and sensitive area of skin such as at the eye and nose areas etc. Since some certain cream contains color bleaching substances, so individuals should pay good attention on this.
  5. Protecting your skin from sun light, your skin rapidly responds to the sun light when coming into contact with lotion or whitening cream. And your skin might be severely damaged by sunlight. Therefore, it is highly suggested that you use sunscreen with SPF30 or upper, and it is great to protect your skin from the sun by wearing hat, long sleeve pants and jackets.
  6. Taking a good care of your skin. Skin should be gently cleaned, and adequate moisturizer should be applied onto the skin. By properly using the whitening cream, beautiful and bright skin could thus, be obtained as one desires.



How to choose the best facial cream?

Many women choose to use a multi on face cream combined in one 

Quite numbers of ladies select to use multi- functions facial cream. And there are numerous kinds of cream which boosts bright skin color and reduce dark spots. Particularly, ladies who are looking for the best cream for themselves should also carefully choose good quality cream that contributes beautiful and safe results. Those aforementioned cream should not be contaminated with Hydroquinone and Mercury, since these substances are dangerous making our faces hot and burn. Especially, when these substances come into contact with sun light and air- conditioner, it would cause irritation and black spots on the face. Importantly, Mercury crucially affects health including deterioration of kidney and nervous system hindering enfant and children’s brain development


Hence, ladies should search for the best and safest cream without harmful substances. Individuals should also thoroughly read the cosmetics’ labels and carefully look at the expiration date, since using expiring cosmetics may affect bad result to the users’ faces

The best way of choosing facial cream without being affected from hazardous chemical and yields perfect result could be carried out as follow

1. Thoroughly read label of facial cream, and please immediately stops using the product if Chloride, Calomel, Mercuric, and Mercury are contaminated. Then wraps the products with plastic bags or some other containers, since these chemicals could be absorbed into the soil and spread to the environment.

2. If there is no label on the facial cream, do not absolutely use it. Good facial cream should definitely have label with clear explanations of ingredients including FDA approval sign.

3. Testing the product before using, this could be done by applying cream onto forearm or behind the ear. If red itchy rash or burnt appear as allergic sign, it would be best to immediately stop using that certain cream.


Do not excessively worry about what facial cream should be used, since there are various kinds of facial cream sold in the market to be selected that are free from harmful chemicals which consumers should choose the products wisely.


What is whitening soap, and is it different from whitening cream?

When speaking of whitening soap, a lot of ladies might have never heard of, and might wonder about what kind of soap is it?

What is whitening soap?

By looking from appearance, there are not much differences between whitening soap and general one. Since it could both help cleaning and fighting with bacteria, however, whitening soap has some further qualifications of gently exfoliating and removing dead skin, and thus leaving the healthy bright and smooth skin.


Whitening soap is a product helping the skin to become brighter by refraining production of Melanin. It is usually used for adapting skins’ color tone and lessening scars and dark spots. some might also use Whitening soap in treating Melasma as well. Good whitening soap should not consist of Mercury or Hydroquinone, instead, some other safer substances and extracts could be replaced, such as Kojic acid, L- Glutathione, Vitamin C refraining the production of Melanin. L- Glutathione, an anti-oxidant, stimulates damaged cells restoration due to the sun, and thus, permitting the skin to look appear brighter. For Vitamin C, it functions as an anti-oxidant that is effective in preventing Melanin production.


For whitening soap usage, it should be regularly used, since the brightness would drop if ones do not continually use the soap. However, whitening cream is another alternative for those looking for bright skin, since it would adjust dark skin tone to become brighter and smoother. Differences between whitening cream and whitening soap is that the whitening cream would leave longer on the skin once it is applied. Nevertheless, for the most effective way in acquiring bright skin is to use whitening cream along with whitening soap in parallel.